What You Can Do in Antioch

What you can do in Antioch

Chiropractic Antioch CA What you can do to prevent coronavirus

What can you do besides the CDC recommendations of washing your hands often and keeping your physical distance?

Things to consider doing in Antioch

  • One key element is sleep. Those who get a solid amount of sleep have an increased ability to function. Sleep studies show that those with only 4 hours of sleep functioned as if they were driving under the influence. Your lack of sleep not only decreases your ability to mentally function and think straight, it also affects your immune system. Adults should get 7-8 hours of sleep, whereas teenagers need 9-10 hours. Taking Benadryl is not the best solution as one tends to not get full REM sleep. Taking a supplement such as ashwagandha, can help you rest more easily. Our ability to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps to induce sleep, decreases later in life. Taking it as a supplement might be helpful. However, there is a concern that your ability to produce melatonin naturally lessens when taking this supplement because your body thinks it has enough, so I would use caution. I suggest making a sleep routine first, and if needed, occasionally try the melatonin at the smallest dosage. Make it your routine to sleep nightly at the same time and awaken at the same time daily. Do not lay in bed for more than 20 minutes if you have not yet fallen asleep. Force yourself to get out of bed and go into another room. You want to train your mind that when you go to sleep, you sleep, not toss and turn. Do not take naps if you are having a hard time sleeping at night. Decrease or avoid caffeine. It is hard to stop consuming caffeine but if you decrease your intake to one cup of your caffeinated drink, that may help you sleep and avoid headaches associated with complete withdrawal of caffeine. If you find it hard to sleep because of back or neck pain, consider seeing your local chiropractor.
  • Helping your lungs. If you decrease or completely stop smoking this helps your lungs from having inflammation. Once you stop smoking your body can start to heal. You should have a better fighting chance against respiratory infections. How long does the lung takes to repair itself once you stop? That would depend on how much and how long you have been smoking. Regardless, stopping now is better than stopping later. Less vehicles on the road is better for the lungs of people in towns that typically experience higher traffic. Less traffic helps to decrease inflammation in your lungs.
  • Drinking enough water allows your body to get rid of toxins and allow your cells to have an adequate supply of hydration. Drinking water also helps prevent dehydration if you have a fever.
  • Exercise helps increase endorphins and helps your body circulate nutrients and get rid of toxins. If you feel that you can not exercise because of neck or back pain, seek out your local chiropractor most offices remain open throughout the country and many offer virtual visits with recommendations on exercises, ordering back support or a tens unit if it is deemed a medical necessity.
  • Chiropractic adjustments help get your joints functioning correctly, which allows one to feel better. This leads to better sleep and movement so they can exercise without increasing pain. There have been some studies, but not enough of a direct linkage to be able to say chiropractic adjustments help with immunity. More studies need to be done.
  • Nutrition really deserves its own article as there is so much that can be discussed from how you take supplements; oral, sublingual, injection, or via IV drip, that we will leave that for another time. I can say that studies show that eating a Mediterranean Diet concludes to help support your body. I also suggest taking a multivitamin and trace minerals from a whole food source Supplement. Zinc and Vitamins C & D, and N-acetylcysteine are also some favorites. The question of how much and how often one should take supplements depends upon your age and your current health.

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